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Hartman Garden Furniture The Hartman garden furniture brand was introduced in 1982 by steel garden furniture manufacturer Bemico in the Netherlands. Although the Hartman brand was recognised predominantly for the manufacture of plastic moulded garden furniture in the 1980s and 1990s, their recent lines have included high quality and durable furniture made from a variety of materials including aluminium and cast aluminium, emberglow, and hardwood.

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Hardwearing And Durable Garden Furniture

All Hartman patio furniture is designed to last. It utilises hardwearing, weather proof materials. This not only means that your furniture will continue to look great while you are using it, but it also means that you can leave most Hartman furniture out even during the winter; ideal if you are struggling to find storage space in which to place your patio furniture.

Although the original Bemico furniture was made from steel, and Hartman made its name by producing high quality moulded plastic furniture, it is now possible to buy Hartman garden furniture in aluminium, cast aluminium, emberglow, rattan weave, and hardwood. This choice of materials means that you can choose furniture according to how it looks, its durability, strength, and even how light the furniture sets are.

Hartman are rightly proud of the sheer range of their Garden Furniture with it's ability to complement any outdoor space from the simplest balcony to the grandest country home and with a diverse, wide ranging mix of dining tables, fire pits, chairs, loungers, modular sets and accessories, in a variety of weave, wood, aluminium or cast aluminium, there really is something for everybody whose desire is for quality garden furniture to suit their own unique requirements. All you need to think about is relaxing in your Outdoor Living area no matter how humble or grand.

Anyone familiar with quality Garden Furniture will know that Hartman provide an eclectic mix of Garden options with every one item living up to Hartman's key mantra of reliability, comfort, quality and design, the watch words for any of their products, a key element in the thought processes in their gestation from the first moment that the pen touches paper in the design studio.

Taking the lead from the four aspects of the reliability, comfort, quality and design ethos the Hartman range of Garden Furniture uses four key materials in the construction of the ranges, Hardwood, Cast Aluminium, Weave and Steel, each used for it's functionality as well as it's distinctive character.

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