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Metal Garden Furniture Sets


Modern metal garden furniture, which is usually made from aluminium tubing, is lightweight, durable, and attractive. It is less expensive than cast iron and will last for years with very little ongoing maintenance required. The majority of well-known manufacturers, including Hartman and Kettler, supply metal garden furniture sets to the UK market.

At Garden Furniture World we stock and sell a large selection of metal garden furniture sets, from some of the best-known manufacturers, and if you spend over 100 we will deliver to your UK address free of charge. Alternatively, you can call in at Dawson's Department Store to chat about your garden furniture needs and we will help ensure that you get exactly the right set for your needs.

Kettler Caffe Roma Set - Grey
Now £116.10

RRP £129.00  Save 10%
Finance available on baskets over £350
Alexander Rose Portofino 2 Seat Set
Now £189.60

RRP £237.00  Save 20%
Finance available on baskets over £350
Kettler Caredo 2 Seater Set
Now £231.30

RRP £257.00  Save 10%
Finance available on baskets over £350
Alexander Rose Portofino 4 Seat Set
Now £378.25

RRP £445.00  Save 15%
£11.78 per month on finance
Hartman Aruba Lounge Set - Latte/Mocha Stripe
Now £399.00

RRP £499.00  Save 20%
£12.42 per month on finance
Kettler Caredo 4 Seat Garden Furniture Set
Now £418.50

RRP £465.00  Save 10%
£13.03 per month on finance
Kettler Siena 4 Seat Round Mesh Garden Furniture Set
Now £436.50

RRP £485.00  Save 10%
£13.59 per month on finance
Hartman Aruba 4 Seat Round Set - Latte/Mocha Stripe
Now £499.00

RRP £599.00  Save 17%
£15.53 per month on finance
Alexander Rose Portofino 6 Seat Rect Set
Now £551.65

RRP £649.00  Save 15%
£17.17 per month on finance
Kettler Venezia 4 Seat Set
Now £558.90

RRP £621.00  Save 10%
£17.40 per month on finance
Hartman Alexis 6 Seat Recliner Set
Now £599.00

RRP £1,029.00  Save 42%
£18.65 per month on finance
Hartman Arianna 6 Seat Reclining Set
Now £599.00

RRP £899.00  Save 33%
£18.65 per month on finance
Kettler Malaga Casual Dining Set With Sage Cushions
Now £599.00

RRP £1,299.00  Save 54%
£18.65 per month on finance
Kettler Caredo 6 Seat Rectangular Mesh Set
Now £602.10

RRP £669.00  Save 10%
£18.74 per month on finance
Kettler Siena 6 Seat Set
Now £629.10

RRP £699.00  Save 10%
£19.58 per month on finance
Alexander Rose Portofino 6 Seat Round Set
Now £637.50

RRP £750.00  Save 15%
£19.85 per month on finance
Kettler Venezia 6 Seat Set
Now £812.70

RRP £903.00  Save 10%
£25.30 per month on finance
Alexander Rose Portofino Lounge Set
Now £885.00

RRP £1,475.00  Save 40%
£27.55 per month on finance
Hartman Georgia 6 Seat Set - Platinum
Now £899.00

RRP £1,099.00  Save 18%
£27.99 per month on finance
Kettler Siena 8 Seat Set
Now £913.50

RRP £1,015.00  Save 10%
£28.44 per month on finance

Cast Vs Extruded Aluminium Garden Furniture

Most modern metal garden furniture is made from aluminium, with both cast and extruded aluminium garden furniture sets available. Cast aluminium is solid metal, while extruded aluminium use hollow tubular frames. Extruded aluminium is still very durable and strong, but is much lighter than cast aluminium. It is also less expensive because it uses less material in its construction. Some sets may include additional materials like rattan or glass in their construction, in order to offer greater comfort or improved design and functionality.

When it comes to buying garden furniture, metal sets have a lot of benefits to offer:

Lightweight And Portable - Despite being strong and durable, aluminium is a lightweight material. This makes aluminium garden furniture extremely portable. Even though aluminium can be left out during the winter months, its portability means that it can easily be moved into the garage or shed, or it can be moved around the garden, as needed.

Durable - One of the reasons that metal is used for the construction of furniture is its durability. It can be moved around, and it can even endure knocks, bumps, and scrapes without becoming badly damaged. Weather is a major factor with aluminium garden furniture in the UK, and not least because of the wind. A metal garden furniture set can withstand being blown around and even knocked over, although particularly strong wind may cause some damage.

Weatherproof - Wind isn't the only weather that metal garden furniture has to endure. Rain can rust iron and wrought iron furniture, especially if it has been scraped or knocked. Aluminium does not rust, which means that it can be left out in the rain without fear of it becoming badly damaged. It is also resistant to UV rays from the sun, and won't be affected by frost or snow. This means that metal garden furniture really can be left out right through the year.

Low Maintenance - Aluminium also requires very little maintenance to ensure that it retains its good looks and durability. There's no need to treat or paint the furniture, and a simple wash down with a damp cloth should be enough to remove any dirt or grime that has gathered on the furniture. If you are looking for great looking furniture with very little maintenance, then aluminium is the ideal choice of material for your metal garden furniture set.

Metal Garden Furniture Sets UK

Buying a metal garden furniture set means that you receive the table, chairs, and any additional items that you need without having to buy them separately. Sets are available from all major manufacturers, and you can choose traditional or modern metal garden furniture sets to match your preferences and the design of your garden.


Metal tables are durable and strong. They are also available to seat any number of people from 2 to 10, depending on the size and dimensions. Some metal tables incorporate a glass top, using reinforced glass. These tend to use extruded aluminium frames, and the glass counter top ensures stability for anything that is placed on them. The addition of glass can also improve the look and design of the table, although some customers do prefer the look of solid metal, and this design is also available in some metal garden furniture sets.


Choose aluminium garden furniture sets according to the number of people that will regularly use them. Bistro sets are designed for use by two people, and they include a small table. Larger sets can seat 4 to 6 people, which makes them ideal for family use, while extending and extra large sets include seating for up to 10 people and these are perfect for extended family gatherings and are ideal for buyers that entertain often.


Aluminium garden furniture has many benefits. It is lightweight and portable, while also being durable and requiring very little maintenance. However, the material has no give, which means that it is a very solid surface. Some chairs and garden furniture sets combat this problem by incorporating wicker seating sections and bases, but not all. If you buy aluminium furniture for the garden that has a solid metal base, then you should also consider cushions to improve comfort levels. Most solid sets include cushions; look for cushions that are deep and thick, and if you want to leave them out then you should consider all-weather cushions for your garden furniture.


Hopefully, you will use your new aluminium garden furniture set in the sun, although there is no guarantee of good weather in the UK. A parasol offers protection, when it's wanted, from the sun's rays. This protection can be used for those that don't want to sit in the direct sun, or it can be used to protect food and drinks and prevent them from getting warm even on the hottest days. Parasols are flexible, can be moved around as required, and if one isn't included in your furniture set, then you can buy one separately to help further improve the quality of your metal patio furniture.

Buy Modern Aluminium Garden Furniture From Garden Furniture World

When you're looking for attractive and durable garden furniture, aluminium is the construction material of choice for a lot of buyers. Extruded aluminium patio furniture is durable and hard wearing. It is also weather resistant, so it can be left out in the sun or rain, and even during the cold winter months. Despite this, it requires very little maintenance; a quick wipe with a damp and soapy cloth should be enough to have your furniture looking as good as new.

Garden Furniture World is proud to stock metal patio furniture from manufacturers like Hartman, Kettler, and Alexander Rose. We have patio furniture sets in a host of materials, but aluminium sets are among the most popular choices. Buy online using our secure ordering system, call us with any questions, or call in to Dawson's Department Store to have a look at the full range we have on offer

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