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Casual Dining Garden Furniture

Date Created: 13/2/14
Casual Dining Garden Furniture There are literally hundreds of Garden Furniture Set's out there made from many types, and combinations, of materials and in many different shapes and sizes, however they all can be, generally, divided into two distinct varieties, Lounge sets and Dining sets.

One type being more low slung and great for relaxing during long days, and the other being more upright for more formal dining around the table in the evenings. In an ideal world we would have the time, space, and money to have one of each, as some of our customers do, to use as the occasion demands,

In Europe and, especially, in Australia the concept of versatile and adaptable Casual Dining sets, which combine the comfortable relaxed laid back feel of a lounge set with the more upright stature of a dining set by using modifiable combinations of sofas, chairs and stools are very popular recognising both the comfort and practical benefits of investing in one stylish set of outdoor furniture that can flexibly used over a range of occasions in an outdoor living area.
It is with this casual dining concept in mind that both Hartman and Kettler have introduced Casual Dining Sets as part of their multi option ranges for 2014 and although the way they have both gone about it is very different at heart they both adhere closely to the same concept of sets which offer both the option of being a location for relaxation or more formal dining with family or friends.

Hartman have introduced the Hartman Semerang Casual Dining Set Birch with WeatherReady Cushions, a fantastic looking weave set that is smart and well thought out taking the relaxed laid back feel and style of a lounge set and blending it with the higher, and more upright, sitting position of a dining set, using a combination of sofa, chairs and stools for flexible seating options to create a set that is a great for relaxing but an equally good location for more formal al fresco dining.
Kettler Casual Dining Furniture Kettler have taken a very different approach to the idea with their Kettler Malaga Casual Dining Set, which has either slate, sage or amethyst cushions, which looks equally good but in a very different way using a tubular steel frame work for it's flexible combination of comfortable sofa, two generous armchairs, two stools, all complete with deep luxurious cushions, and casual dining table, which has a table top made from a special composite that looks like black granite, which, just as the Hartman set does, takes the relaxed laid back feel and style of a lounge set and blends it with the higher, and more upright, sitting position of a dining set.
So if what is needed is one garden furniture set that it is flexible and adaptable enough for both chilled and relaxed days and more formal dining occasions then Casual Dining are the buzz words. Think going out to dinner in a pub rather than in a restaurant and you will get the idea......