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Garden Furniture Parasols

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Parasols offer users a convenient and safe way to stay in the shade and out of the sun. They can also be used to help protect food and drink from the sun. In the glaring heat, it only takes a few minutes for drinks to become unbearably warm and for food to become hard and baked. Rather than having to take the fun indoors, though, you can utilise a parasol that sits above the table height and provides protection.

2m Sturdi+ Aluminium Push Up Parasol Green
Now £35.99

RRP £59.99  Save 40%
Finance available on baskets over £350
Kettler Menos 3.0m Wind Up Parasol Blue
Now £105.00

RRP £105.00
Finance available on baskets over £350
Kettler Menos 3.0m Wind Up Parasol Green
Now £105.00

RRP £105.00
Finance available on baskets over £350
Alexander Rose 3.0m Cantilever Parasol - Ecru
Now £112.50

RRP £125.00  Save 10%
Finance available on baskets over £350
Alexander Rose 3.0m Cantilever Parasol - Green
Now £112.50

RRP £125.00  Save 10%
Finance available on baskets over £350
Kettler 3.0m Wind Up Auto Tilt LED Solar - Grey Frame/Taupe Canopy
Now £259.00

RRP £259.00
Finance available on baskets over £350
Kettler 3.0m Wind Up Auto Tilt LED Solar - Grey Frame/Natural Canopy
Now £259.00

RRP £259.00
Finance available on baskets over £350
Hartman 3M Round Cantilever Parasol Champagne/Caramel
Now £315.00

RRP £350.00  Save 10%
Finance available on baskets over £350
Kettler Parasol 3.3m Free Arm - Grey Frame/Grey Taupe Canopy with LED Lights and Wireless Speaker
Now £679.00

RRP £679.00
£21.14 per month on finance
Norfolk Leisure Palermo Square Cantilever 3x3m with LED Strip Lights -Taupe/Lava - NO BASE
Now £683.10

£21.27 per month on finance
Nofolk Leisure Palermo Square Cantilever 3 x 3m with Strip Light Mouse Grey/Lave with Base - NO WHEELED BASE
Now £683.10

£21.27 per month on finance
Kettler 3.5m Free Arm Parasol - Grey Frame/Grey Taupe Canopy with LED lights and Wireless Speaker
Now £899.00

RRP £899.00
£27.99 per month on finance

There is a surprisingly wide range of parasols and related items that you can use in this way, including fixed parasols, cantilever models, and even wall mounted parasols. If you want even more shade, then gazebos and gazebo sidewalls can provide every bit of protection you want. When buying any parasol, it is important that you determine how it is kept in place. Those that slot through a hole in the middle of the table will usually use a weight base, but this isn't necessary with a wall mounted model. Cantilever parasols do still use a base. In fact, because of the additional weight that hangs out away from the base, they will usually need a sturdier and larger base than other types of parasol.

At Garden Furniture World, we have a large collection of parasols, gazebos, and other items, including fixed and cantilever, and from brands ranging from Alexander Rose to LG Outdoor. Buy directly from our site and enjoy free delivery on all orders over 50 to your UK address. Call us with any questions or queries you might have about the products we sell, or call in to Dawson's Department Store where you will be able to view every item we have for sale.


A parasol tends to be top heavy, and it requires some means of affixing it so that it doesn't simply fall over or blow away. Traditionally, this meant using a base that sat under the table and was filled with a heavy filling like concrete, sand or water. The parasol slots into the base, and the weight from the heavy material helps to ensure that the parasol remains exactly where you want it to.

Before buying a parasol, you need to ensure that you know how it will fix in place. Standard parasols still require this base, and you can choose between those that are designed for a solid material like sand, or those that use water as a base filling. Water is heavy and it can be easily transferred from the tap or hosepipe, but the base itself needs to be watertight and should not easily split under the pressure.


The parasol is basically a large umbrella, but rather than protect users from the rain, it is designed to protect them from UV rays and from the light of the sun. As such, the material used in the production of a parasol typically differs from that of an umbrella.

There are many colours to choose from, which means that you can choose a parasol that will fit with the design and style of the table and chairs, or one that perfectly matches the colour of your garden and planting.

Most of the companies that make garden furniture also make parasols, and while some sets do include the parasol as standard, you can buy replacements or additional parasols, if needed.

Gazebo Sidewalls

The gazebo offers even greater protection from the sun. Depending on how many walls the gazebo has, and how open the walls are, you can create an area of the garden or patio that is completely free from sun and totally shaded. If you have children, or even pets, this shaded area can prove incredibly useful, and even if you are a sun worshipper yourself, you can still benefit from the sun-free area that is created underneath the shade of the gazebo. Buy full gazebos, as well as additional sidewalls, from the Garden Furniture World website.

Wall Mounted Parasols

Traditional parasols slid through a hole in the table and into a hole in the weighted base, but there are other techniques of mounting parasols.

Wall mounted parasols effectively become a permanent fixture in the garden. The bracket fixes securely to the wall, usually above head height and on the patio, where you will get the most benefit from it. The parasol can then be opened or closed, depending on whether you want to sit in the sun or enjoy the shade for a while.

Wall mounted parasols also tend to offer the benefit that they can be moved around on a flexible arm. This enables you to keep everybody happy, by creating a shaded area for those that want it, but not encroaching on the whole patio, so that you can have some of the area left open to the sun. Always ensure that you have the space on the wall for proper mounting, and do not cut corners when it comes to mounting the parasol, otherwise it could pull the fixing from the wall and potentially even cause injury to those underneath.

Cantilever Parasols

Another style of parasol is that of the cantilever parasol. These tend to be very large parasols, and rather than sitting in a base underneath the table, the base sits to the side of the table. An arm is attached to the top of the parasol pole, and the parasol itself sits underneath the end of this arm. The arm can be moved, and the parasol can be open or closed, which again provides you with the total flexibility of being able to provide a combination of shaded and sunny areas.

Cantilever bases need to be heavy, or they need to be permanently fixed to the floor. The centre of gravity that is created by the overhanging arm means that a lightweight base will not hold the parasol up properly, while the addition of a gust of wind can push almost any parasol over, unless it is properly and firmly fixed to the ground, by using a sturdy parasol base.

Buy Parasols From Garden Furniture World

Many people see their garden as a haven for relaxation. It is a natural environment that can be used for anything from meditation to dining and entertaining. In fact, most gardens serve multiple purposes, and if you want to really take advantage of your outdoor living space, then equipping your garden with the right furniture and the best possible accessories will help you to make the most of this space.

UK summers may be unpredictable, but that doesn't stop the majority of people from seizing every possible opportunity to head outside and catch the sun while it's out. Make your garden more inviting through the use of garden furniture and accessories like parasols.

Parasols can take many forms, including the standard parasol that slots through a hole in the table and into a weighted parasol base. Also available are cantilever parasols that sit in a base at the side of the table and essentially hang over the table, and wall mounted parasols that need to be firmly fixed to a bracket that is attached to the wall above the patio.

If you are considering buying a new patio furniture or garden furniture set, find out whether it includes a parasol and, if you want the shade and protection that one offers, consider adding it to your order. Don't forget to buy the base, if one is needed for your chosen style of parasol.

Garden Furniture World is the official website of Dawson's Department Store. Buy directly from our site to enjoy free delivery on orders over 50 or, if you have any questions about the products we sell, pick up the phone and give us a call. One of our team will be happy to answer any questions

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