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Although LIFE cushions are 'All Weather' and suitable to stay outside in most weather conditions, we recommend to protect them from dust and dirt when the furniture isn’t used for a longer period of time. So, you can enjoy clean furniture all year round. This is where our new line of protection covers offer their added value.

Temperature changes make condensation inevitable. Our furniture covers, made from 100% ripstop polyester feature a breathable membrane which transports condensation outside while simultaneously prevent dust and dirt from getting in.

The other advantages of ripstop polyester are the favourable strength-to-weight ratio and the special weaving process prevents tears.

For convenience and security we have added a number of buckles to each protection cover. This makes it easier to secure the protection cover to your furniture and guarantees optimal protection from the elements. Combined with the warranty we offer on our protection covers you can rest easy and know that your outdoor furniture is optimally protected.

Life Furniture Covers
Life Cover 46 Lounge Big 280cm x 190cm x 70cm

Finance available on baskets over £350
More about Life Furniture
Recycled and Reclaimed Teak Teak wood by LIFE Outdoor Living is a mix of plantation and recycled teak which is all SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitus Kayu) certified, meaning that the full process of manufacturing is registered and monitored. By buying SVLK certified wood you can be assured that the wood is acquired sustainably. Guaranteeing the survival of the plantation.
How do I clean my Teak Furniture?
Robust Teak Because of the effects of the weather, the wood slowly turns a silver-grey shade. If you would like to prevent thus, several cleaners and protectors are available which will help.
LIFE Outdoor Living Teak Cleaner can be used for intensive cleaning of weathered teak and will kill fungi and algae within the wood. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and the colour of new teak be restored. Because it takes some time and effort to clean teak, we recommend using LIFE Outdoor Living Teak Protector and Teak Shield to prolong the colour and prevent weathering.
Grey Teak In principle, grey teak does not have to be treated because, through the effects of the weather, the wood slowly turns a silver-grey colour, similar to the appearance that the wood currently has. We do however recommend that the furniture is treated with LIFE Outdoor Living Teak Shield. This product is colourless ad provides a protective layer, meaning that dirt and stains cannot be absorbed by the furniture. This also helps to reduce the formation of algae
To clean your furniture, we recommend using LIFE Teak Cleaner. (Under no circumstances should a high-pressure washer be used). Never clean the table with harsh detergents. If you nevertheless wish to use a detergent, always test this in a hidden spot.
We advise against using a protective cover with teak furniture as this can lead to the growth of fungi.
All 2020 lines offer a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing faults.

LIFE All Weather Cushions FAQ

Can you leave LIFE All Weather Cushions Outside?
Yes. An All Weather Cushion (developed by LIFE Outdoor Living) can be left outdoors throughout the summer season. The cushions are produced from high quality synthetic products - when it rains the water goes through the cushion cover and into the microporous inner cushion. By pressing down on the cushion or placing the cushion on their edges, they will dry in a relatively short period of time.
Are LIFE All Weather Cushions waterproof?
No. LIFE All Weather Cushions are not waterproof - they are weatherproof. New technology created allows water to pass through the cushions without any water retention which in turn means no mildew build up that could eventually cause your cushion to rot. This unique technology and lack of water retention is also a major factor in the cushions ability to retain its original shape.
How long after it has rained could I potentially use my LIFE All Weather Cushions?
This really depends on the conditions at the time, warm or damp weather makes a difference, but even after a prolonged heavy downpour, we have found that LIFE All Weather Cushions can be used within a very short period.
How do I clean my LIFE All Weather Cushions?
To clean the inner cushions, you can remove the cushion cover and clean the inner cushion sing a mild detergent. The outer cover can also be cleaned at 30 degrees in the washing machine with a small amount of laundry detergent. It is best to wash one cover at a time. Stubborn stains can be removed by cleaning with LIFE Outdoor Living Texteline and Wicker Cleaner. This is a non-foaming cleaner for open-woven fabrics and wicker.
What guarantee do I receive with LIFE All Weather Cushions?
All 2020 lines offer a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing faults.
Are LIFE Cushion Covers Replacement?
Yes. Full cushion replacements are available, but you should not need to replace any LIFE All Weather Cushions for many years unless thy have been damaged or experience some other misfortune.

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